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Designed for the Journey


Satya - “Truth” In Sanskrit

With a commitment to honor individual truth, Satya Jewelry has been creating inspiring, spiritual jewelry designed for the journey since 2002.

Driven by her passion for helping others, founder and CEO Satya Scainetti began a 30-year spiritual journey that awakened a deep reverence for cross-cultural and spiritual traditions. As she enriched her understanding of these sacred practices, Satya’s true calling was revealed: To create jewelry imbued with meaning that benefits those in need of inspiration, healing, and empowerment.  

Today, Satya Jewelry crafts pieces using sacred and meaningful symbols and semi-precious gemstones renowned for their healing properties. In sterling silver and 18kt gold plate, each Satya Jewelry design is created to bring joy to its wearer—a celebration of all backgrounds, all faiths and all truths. 

In partnership with The Satya Foundation, Satya Jewelry remains committed to continuing our mission—one rooted in appreciation for sacred traditions, honoring individual truth and empowering children worldwide through social and economic initiatives. 

The Satya Team

The Satya Jewelry team is a small-but-mighty team of individuals who reflect the talent, diversity and tenacity of New York City, our vibrant multi-cultural home. Satya Jewelry is a woman-owned and predominantly woman-operated business committed to collaboration, equality and inclusivity throughout our company. All are welcome. Each is valued.

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“My intention is that anyone can find a piece of jewelry that represents their individual truth."


Over $1,300,000 and Still Going

Our mission is to provide children in need with tools that empower them with opportunities to thrive. The Satya Foundation is a 501(c)(3) which provides education, opportunities and support to children, all over the world.

Today, The Satya Foundation has expanded its reach to support other non-profits and foundations that align with our vision for a more equitable and compassionate world. From India and the Himalayas to Thailand and New York City, The Satya Foundation honors our shared humanity through continued outreach and financial support of these organizations. 

Our Craftsmanship

Satya Jewelry is hand-crafted in India, Thailand the USA. We partner with talented artisans from rich jewelry making traditions in India and Thailand to create our cast jewelry pieces. We are proud of our partnerships with these factories, where the people who make Satya Jewelry earn a fair living wage and are employed under safe working conditions.

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What are you drawn to?

As we believe that our souls guide us on our journey, we suggest letting your intuition lead you toward the deity, symbol or gemstone that speaks to you. What we are drawn to is often what will resonate most deeply on our path to truth.

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Designed with Intention

Satya Jewelry is designed with love in New York City. Each design begins as an intention—what it will evoke, how it will inspire and is brought to fruition by our creative team.

Handcrafted with Care

Each piece of Satya Jewelry is made with a commitment to using ethically-sourced stones, non-toxic metals and the highest quality standards for jewelry to cherish.

Made with Love

For every order placed, $1 will be donated to the Satya Foundation which supports children’s organizations. Today with your help we have donated over $1,000,000.


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